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  • The secret 2-step process that all Everyday Property Millionaires follow to achieve their financial goals. (If you’ve ever struggled to make headway on your financial goals, it’s probably because nobody ever shared this with you… until now!) [Page 11]
  • You should always try to buy under market value, right? Wrong! Discover why Everyday Property Millionaires almost NEVER try to buy at a discount [Page 60]
  • Why Everyday Property Millionaires never look for property online or speak to a local real estate agent until they are clear on this first (Hint: It’s not their borrowing capacity or their budget) [Go to page 40]
  • ​Made some property investing mistakes in the past? See how these Everyday Property Millionaires used their past mistakes to accelerate their investing success [Page 22]
  • Frustrated because you’ve missed property booms before? Then you need to start doing this [Page 37]
  • What you should NEVER do when buying an investment property [Page 32]
  • How to find the right investment property for you… even if you’ve never invested before [Page 45]
  • The ONLY 2 markets Everyday Property Millionaires invest in (Yes, there are only 2, and once you know what they are, it makes investing so much easier) [Page 59]
  • The safe and simple 3 step process Everyday Property Millionaires use to build their wealth (Step 3 is the most powerful) [Page 49]
  • ​The 6 reasons people fail when investing in property (Knowing how to avoid these could save you tens of thousands of dollars) [Page 53]
  •  The 5 step property selection criteria of Everyday Property Millionaires (Just copy these to increase your chances of making a winning investment!) [Page 56]
  • ​Unsure of how to find the right investment property for you? Copy this simple 3 step process Everyday Property Millionaires use to build their portfolios [See page 39]
  • ​The one thing you MUST do if you want to achieve your financial goals faster. Everyday Property Millionaires have become total masters of this. [Check out page 44]
  • Why Everyday Property Millionaires NEVER Buy Property Here. Unfortunately, many people who lose money with property do. Discover the sting in the tail that these seemingly attractive investment opportunities present on page 61
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